What is web hosting?

If you own a business and thinking to grow it online, you must be considering opening an online store or a website from where your customers can buy or get to know about your products. Not only this, websites can be made to sell services online or to start a blog. Making a website includes several steps but the most important of them is web hosting. If you make a website and don’t host it than your website isn’t available on the internet.

Web hosting is a service that provides space for your website on the internet and keeps it safe from various malicious viruses. Your audience can only reach your website by typing it’s domain name on the browser if it is being hosted by some server. Web hosting is all about making your website accessible to the online world. Web hosting is renting a space on the server owned by a hosting company.

Servers are powerful hardwares located in data centers that store all the data of websites and provide space for websites to be accessed through search browser.

There are different types of servers and different types of web hosting. Depending on your requirements you can decide which one will work for you. You can keep reading and I’ll provide a comprehensive review of several web hosting services.

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Types of web hosting services are:

  • Shared web hosting
  • Reseller web hosting
  • Cloud based web hosting
  • Virtual private server
  • Dedicated web server
  • Colocation web hosting

Shared web hosting:

Shared web hosting is the most economical option for hosting a website. If you’re just a start up/ beginner and looking for the most budget friendly hosting service, shared web hosting is your best option.

In shared web hosting, a single server provides space for multiple websites. It stores the data of multiple users and divides the overall cost of server among many customers.


Reseller web hosting:

Reseller web hosting is a type of web hosting in which you buy hosting services from a provider on a wholesale rate and then sell it to the third party. This web hosting is perfect for web developers, web designers or agencies that don’t own a server.

This type of hosting is not for startups/ beginners. It is just a source of business for web developers/ web designers. Reseller web hosting allows them to keep their clients hooked by monthly payments for the web hosting service.

One of the cons of reseller web hosting is that it’s not always profitable. It requires a large of number of clients to cover up the cost of server. If you don’t get many clients, reseller web hosting won’t work in your favor. Also, if your clients face any problem regarding the hosting services, you will be held responsible instead of your provider.

Cloud based web hosting:

Cloud based web hosting is the best hosting service that actually provides what it promises. Cloud web hosting is based on multiple servers. Each server is given a different task to host a website. If one server compromises its performance, the other servers take over its task and keep the website up and running.

Sometimes websites slow down when they receive huge traffic. Their servers don’t have the capacity to shoulder that load. This is where cloud based web hosting proves its worth. It never compromises its performance no matter the traffic.

Mostly, businesses can’t predict the amount of traffic they’ll receive on their website. Some days it’s like the busiest day in Walmart and some days they don’t get many visitors (you get the idea). So in order to avoid the web malfunctioning, cloud based web hosting is your best bet. Another good news is that you only have to pay for what you have used. In other words, its pricing isn’t fixed. It’s cost increases with huge traffic and vice versa.


Virtual private server:

In VPS, a server is divided into sub servers and then each server is tasked to host limited number of websites. This improves the quality of web hosting while maintaining the budget. It is similar to shared web hosting but in VPS the number of websites being hosted is lower.

Mostly, the users of shared web hosting service shift their hosting to VPS when they notice some malfunctioning in their website. The cost of VPS is slightly higher than the shared web services.

Dedicated web hosting:

I’m dedicated web hosting, you rent the whole server to host your website. In order to avoid other websites covering up the space and slowing down your website, dedicated web hosting is the most effective solution.

Although, it is a very expensive hosting method but if you have a big business, its cost won’t be a problem.


Colocation web server:

Owning your own server is not enough. You also need the data center to place your server so that it can function. Server requires a well conditioned room and several other resources to function properly. Some people have their own data centers and some rent them to store their servers. This is called the colocation of web servers.

It is similar to renting a garage for your cars. Just like you hire a mechanic for your cars, you hire a technician for your server to make sure it works according to your requirements and also to troubleshoot the problems your server might face.


Renting a data center can be very expensive but healthy businesses can easily afford it.

In my opinion, the best web server is the one that you can afford easily and fulfills your requirements. But in respect of service quality, cloud server provides the best. It never compromises its performance as it works on multiple servers and also works in the favor of customers when it comes to budget. It only costs what you use. If your website isn’t getting much traffic, its price will be low and will only increase with the rise in web traffic.

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This blog is written by Rubeel Sarwar  (Content writer at Vivid-Marketing).

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